My research explores the intersection of health and politics in the developing world.  I employ a wide-range of methodological approaches, and I am the programmer of Lexicoder, software for text analysis.

my research


At TCU, I teach courses in Political Methodology, Data Science, African
Politics, and Comparative Politics.

I am also the instructor for McGill University's Policy & Data Science summer  program.

my teaching


I am a partner at Large-N Analysis, Inc., a consultancy firm that specializes in research design, methodology, and data analysis for monitoring and evaluation projects, primarily with large international organizations and governments in the developing world. 

my consulting

Policy & Data Science Program

I am the instructor for the Max Bell School of Public Policy's Policy & Data Science Program (PODS) at McGill University.  PODS takes a cohort of students with minimal data science skills and rapidly brings them up to speed with an intensive bootcamp and policy-focused internship.



I am the programmer of Lexicoder, a java-based software packaged for the automated analysis of text.  Lexicoder has been downloaded hundreds of times, and has been used in peer-reviewed publications, popular media pieces, and PhD dissertations.