Robert Bates et. al. Analytic Narratives (1998), Introduction and Conclusion.

Bates states that the best form of analysis combines the analytic tools of political science and economics with the narrative tools of history. In additionlto the narrative record, authors should seek parsimony, refinement and mathematical elegance.
Key Definitions:
Analytic Narrative [Bates]: The concept that theory linked to data is more powerful than either theory or data alone. Mostly works with reference to rational choice and game theory models.
• This is a complex middle ground between ideographic and nomothetic reasoning [see Tetlock and Belkin 1996]
• This method is different from Marxist, systems theorists and other qualitative accounts because:
• It seeks to locate and explore particular mechanism that shape the interplay between strategic actors and
thereby generate outcomes [12]
• Most of the old literatures are structural –> this incorporates elements of structuralism and should be seen as a complement to structural literate [13]
• The theory is actor-centric, sequenced [time is a variable]
*This book is a strong defence of rational choice and game theory