Samuel Huntington, The Third Wave. (1991).

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I’m in the process of reading this all the way through, but the above should help, and below is a summary from book reviews that I will supplement later with notes:


_Summary:_ Contrary to ‘Political Order,’ Huntington presents democracy as ‘good in itself.’  Democracy, for Huntington, is defined procedurally (free and fair elections). Huntington identifies three distinct ‘waves’ He notes that movement towards democracy is often followed by reversions. Why the wave since 1974? Diffusion/demonstration effects, loss of legitimacy of authoritarian regimes due to military defeats and economic shocks, shifting religious beliefs (esp. the role of the Catholic church), new policies by external actors (i.e. membership criteria for regional organizations). No single factor explains anything.  How did this wave occur? Three main processes: Transformation (elite driven, top-down); Transplacement – Negotiation between elites and opposition; Replacement (regime collapse / outside intervention)