Ronald Rogowski, How inference in the social (but not the physical) sciences neglects theoretical anomaly”, in Henry Brady and David Collier (eds.) Rethinking Social Inquiry (2004), Chapter 5.

Main Argument: KKV does not sufficiently address the importance of problemation and deductive theorizing and therefore discount – by virtue of their theory – many plausible and useful comparative political analyses.
== Notes: ==
*  KKV state single-observation is not a useful technique to test hypotheses or theories b/c measurement error may yield false negatives
*  Sense of process appears to be missing from KKV’s prescriptions for social inquiry [82]
*  Explanation should both (1) fit the data and (2) make sense in terms of consistency with other observations and its own deductive implications
*  KKV emphasize the former at the expense of the latter